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BunOffs! Alpaca Edition


These batts, each approximately 3.1-3.3 ounces, contain a one-run blend of fibers, featuring English angora rabbit fiber from our own homestead. Because each type of BunOff is unique, if you have any questions about which photo goes with which description then it is better to send us an email and ask before purchasing!

Angora/Alpaca: These batts are 67% alpaca, 33% English angora fiber. The rabbit in service for these batts is Marienne, a blue harlequin English angora rabbit. The alpaca fiber is a rich chocolatey brown and the angora fiber is a creamy tan/orange. The blend is as soft as a whisper.

Angora/BFL Wool/Alpaca: These batts are 33% dyed BFL sheep's wool, 33% alpaca, and 33% black English angora rabbit fiber. The rabbits-in-service are Preston and the Ralph Brothers. The BFL sheep's wool comes from Maggie's Farm, Inc. ( in Brookfield, NY. These batts are lovely!

Angora/Alpaca/Mohair/Wool: These batts are 33% alpaca, 33% English angora fiber, and 33% mohair/wool blend. The mohair/wool blend was commercially sourced from a family-owned business in New England. The English angora rabbit fiber is chocolate colored with rabbits-in-service Vanessa, Cordelia, and Anne Cordelia. The alpaca and angora make these batts very soft, but the mohair lends strength and the wool gives just enough crimp to make the batts easy to spin.

Each batt is unique. This natural product contains small amounts of vegetable matter and there are natural variations in fiber color and texture in the batts.

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