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Angora Fiber Colors

Black: base color is a dusty black/gray.  Some rabbits have white bands on each fiber.  Rabbits in service include Preston Kirs and Betina.  Previous black English angora rabbits in service included "the Ralphs".

Black English angora rabbit and fiber

Blue: base color is a deep gray/blue.  Some rabbits have creamy white bands in each fiber, others have darker ticking in their coat.  Rabbits in service include Penelope, Theo Frederickson, Afina, and Shirley.  Blue English angora rabbits who were formerly in service include Frederick Remington Wentworth W. the First and Last and Elaine. (Rest in peace, friends.)

Blue English Angora rabbit and fiber

Chocolate: base color is a rich dusty brown, with creamy bands.  There are currently no chocolate rabbits in service, but previous rabbits in service include Cordelia and Vanessa.

Chocolate English angora fiber

Lilac: base color is a frosted gray with brown highlights.  There are no lilac rabbits in service currently but previous lilac rabbits in service include Virginia and Elwyn.

Lilac English angora rabbit and fiber

Tricolor Harlequin: base color is white, with tan areas and blue (gray) areas.  Rabbits in service include Vivian.  Previous tricolor harlequin rabbits include Wilfred Hearthrob the Second (who has moved to a new home) and Harlequin (rest in peace).

Tricolor harlequin English angora rabbit and fiber

Blue Harlequin: base color is tan with blue (gray) areas.  There are currently no blue harlequin rabbits in service but previous rabbits in service include MadgeLynne and Marienne. (Rest in peace, friends.)

Blue harlequin English angora fiber

White: fiber from a classic red-eyed white (REW) albino rabbit. Former REW rabbits in service include Edward.

Red-eyed white English angora rabbit

Broken Black: white with a few patches of black, leading to fiber that is white with scattered dark black hairs. Rabbits in service include Marjorie; previous rabbits in service include Graeme Wylde (rest in peace).

Broken Blue:  white with a few patches of blue (gray), leading to fiber that is white with scattered dark gray hairs.  Rabbits in service include Aubrey Harlan.

Tort:  a orange-tan body with a black or blue face and hints of face color throughout the fiber.  Because the fiber colors are close, we choose to mix black tort and blue tort fibers together.  Rabbits in service include Marilla Jane and Robin.  Previous rabbits in service include Michaelina and Roland (who have both moved on to other homes).